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Simply Barcelona - The Beaches

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In February 2009 we wrote a post about Barcelona because we considered it the City of the Week , two years later we have a few posts ahead of us to explore if we should decide to featured it as the City of the Swap instead. Why? Because it is one of those cities that truly has it all and anyone swapping to Barcelona can find what they are looking for.

Barcelona is the largest European metropolis bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. As such, it is active in every field of human activity: commerce, entertainment, science, arts, sports, communications and, last but not least, leisure.

Barcelona from the sky We will start with the relaxing beaches. Barcelona has seven main beaches that from east to west are: Sant Sebastia, Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant. The Olympic Harbour separates Barceloneta and Nova Icaria and marks the division between the eastern older, largest and more popular beaches and the newer ones opened as result of the changes made when the city hosted the 1992 Olympic Games. We are inclined to recommend you pay at least one visit to Barceloneta or San Sebastia to enjoy their calm waters and golden sand, but all of them have good services to ensure a comfortable stay and the Mediterranean waters will do the rest.

Image: public domain image taken from Wikimedia Commons.

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