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The Holiday!

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Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet have done it. In the film The Holiday they are both single women desperately in need of a change in camerondiazclimate. To get this climate change, you simply sign up online and go and stay in someone else’s home, whilst they’re in yours.

In The Holiday, as neither Cameron nor Kate’s characters go particularly prepared, they each get to know a new charming man, fall in love with him and end their vacation with a new relationship.

Are you also single and fed up things? Maybe you feel that you need a bit of a break somewhere, because either at home or at work you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. Then leave it to home exchange, and take advantage of a new environment. You can go to a new place, live like the locals, meet new interesting people, and maybe even meet a new partner! Even if it doesn’t come to love, you can definitely make some new friends ;-)

So, what do you say? Could it change your life, bring winds of change into your life, or simply help you get to know new places? Home exchange is a great way to take a cheap vacation. Give it a try.

Wedding anniversaries

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francesco_hayez_the_kiss3Home exchanges can be used to celebrate a variety of special occassions, whether you go en masse or as a single family unit.

Something unique to couples however, is the idea of an anniversary exchange. If you are interested in celebrating a wedding anniversary or a relationship anniversary of any nature abroad, then home exchange is an economic and romantic way of doing this.

If you could coordinate a romantic gettaway through a home-exchange with another couple, and in that way you could help each other out making “couples” arrangements. One way to do this is to advertise in one of the forums in the Community section within the website. Other couples who are looking for the same type of trip are likely to want to go away for a similar duration, and also will have a good local knowledge of the “coupley” hot-spots, such as restaurants, picturesque walks, drives, places to watch the sun-rise etc.
Even if your home exchange partner is not seeking a romantic gettaway, you can still ask for this kind of advice. The community that we have here at homeforhome.com is primarily about communication. The forums and the internal messaging system are a great way of not only finding people who are interested in a similar style of home exchange to you (in terms of length, season, etc), but they also facilitate you in exchanging information fluidly, rapidly (and if necessary, with a free translation!)