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The Holiday!

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Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet have done it. In the film The Holiday they are both single women desperately in need of a change in camerondiazclimate. To get this climate change, you simply sign up online and go and stay in someone else’s home, whilst they’re in yours.

In The Holiday, as neither Cameron nor Kate’s characters go particularly prepared, they each get to know a new charming man, fall in love with him and end their vacation with a new relationship.

Are you also single and fed up things? Maybe you feel that you need a bit of a break somewhere, because either at home or at work you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. Then leave it to home exchange, and take advantage of a new environment. You can go to a new place, live like the locals, meet new interesting people, and maybe even meet a new partner! Even if it doesn’t come to love, you can definitely make some new friends ;-)

So, what do you say? Could it change your life, bring winds of change into your life, or simply help you get to know new places? Home exchange is a great way to take a cheap vacation. Give it a try.

Romance is dead. Long live home swap!

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So Valentine´s Day is over, for another year. Thank god. Did you happen to receive any processed chocolates? Or Hallmark manufactured greetings cards? A Facebook gift perhaps?

It is at times like this that we do question whether the swashbuckling, heart palpitating romance of the earlier centuries might have just, you know, died. Romeo and Juliet, anyone? No? Okay, another pizza and DVD evening it is.

Obviously, the warm internal feeling that you have when you love someone is a feeling that has existed since when humans began living on the planet. But the efforts that we put into preserving the romance may well have changed. With a life-style that often leaves us either super-busy or super-exhuasted, the small touches that can go a long way are often put to one side.

Does anyone even believe in true love anymore? Or is it just speed-dating from now on? What with our-life spans constantly increasing, romance is something that we have to work hard to keep alive.

Weekend breaks and short holidays can be just the ticket to doing this. People often find that new environments bring out different parts of their personalities. If you and your partner spend your evenings sluggishly recovering from work, and the weekends doing your washing, then you might end up having less inspirational, tantalising conversations together.

Holidays and weekend gettaways provide stimulation and exciting environments, and most importantly, opportunities to share special moments together.

Home swaps are an incredibly cheap and easy way of achieving your perfect romantic weekend break together. Even making tea in the new home will feel special and idyllic. The weekend will be imbued with all the new hues of the different surroundings, so you get to see eachother in a new light and really appreciate the beauty of your relationship.

Romance is something that we have to work at. So if your work time-table and weekly routine is taking its toll on the throes of passion, then you should take this opportunity to give your relationship a new burst of life.